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MIRODEZ mousse

MIRODEZ  mousse

MIRODEZ mousse


10 bottles, 1L each (with a dispenser or a flip-top)

14 bottles, 1L each (with an ulnar dispenser, for wall installation)

36 bottles, 250 mL each (with a foam-generating nozzle)

Agent is used as a foam and liquid form

Formula and method of use of a patented

Active Compounds: QAC, PGMG

Antimicrobial activity:

  • Bacteria, incl. Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Viruses, incl. pathogens of SARS, poliomyelitis, parenteral hepatitis, HIV, adenovirus infections, etc.
  • Pathogenic fungi, incl. Candida and Trichophyton


  • Contains a part of the skin moisturizing ingredients
  • Does not cause irritation and allergic skin reactions
  • Has short exposure time.
  • Remains effective during freezing and subsequent thawing
  • Remaining antimicrobial activity at least 5 hours


  • Hand treatment of surgeons and persons, involved in carrying out surgical interventions;
  • Disinfection of donors elbows;
  • For the treatment of the skin and injecting operational fields;
  • For foot treatment to prevent fungal diseases;
  • Hygienic treatment of arms for:
    medical personnel of Medical Care Institutions;
    Employees of perfume and cosmetics, pharmaceutical and microbiological enterprises, the food industry, catering, trade, utilities.

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