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MIRODEZ special

MIRODEZ special

MIRODEZ special


3 cans, 5L each (with a cover)

10 bottles, 1L each (with a flip-top)

Test-strips (box of 50 or 100)

Plastic dispenser for 5L cans (optional)

Active Compounds: a complex of surfactants, QAC

Antimicrobial activity:

  • bacteria (excluding Mycobacterium tuberculosis)


  • Complete compatibility with materials
  • High cleaning and washing properties
  • Efficient removal of various contaminations including dirt, protein and grease spots and stains
  • Possible control of bath efficacy with test-strips


  • General cleanings of hospital structural units;
  • Washing and cleaning of surfaces polluted with various contaminants in prison, municipal, sports and administrative facilities, catering enterprises, food markets:
    - surfaces of medical and sanitary equipment contaminated with complex pollutants;
    - equipment, floors, walls made of different materials: glass, marble, granite, ceramic tile, linoleum, PVC, painted, wooden, metal and textiles;
    - indoor surfaces, hard and soft furniture, external surfaces of devices and appliances, sanitary equipment (in particular acrylic bathtubs, sinks, etc.) after medical and hygienic procedures;
    - garbage disposal units and equipment;
  • Pre-sterilization cleaning (PSC) of medical devices, including surgical (counting microsurgical) and dental (in particular rotating) instruments as well as rigid and flexible endoscopes and endoscope accessories;
  • Pre-cleaning: of endoscopes and endoscope accessories; final manual or mechanical (in an ultrasonic cleaner KRONT-UDE-1) cleaning of endoscopes before high-level disinfection (HLD);
  • General cleanings in medical and child-care institutions on a bactericidal regime
  • For cleaning (defatting) of utensils
  • For disinfection and cleaning of toys

Modes of application:

Surfaces: PSC:
Bacteria 0,5% / 1,0% 120 min. / 60 min. Instruments: 0,1% / 0,3% 10 min.
Cleaning and washing: 0,25% / 1,0% Endoscopes and endoscope accessories 0,3% 10 min.

Current cleanings in obstetric units of hospitals 0.25%

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