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3 can. for 5,0 l, cover

10 bottles of 1.0 liters, flip-top

plastic dispenser for 5 liter cans (optional)

ET: complex HOUR PHMG, complex enzyme (lipase, amylase, protease), PAV corrosion inhibitor

Antimicrobial activity:

  • Bacteria, including tuberculosis Mycobacterium
  • Viruses, including Coxsackie, ECHO, poliomyelitis, rota - and norovirus infections, enteral and parenteral hepatitis, HIV, influenza, including AH5N1, AH1N1, adenoviruses
  • Pathogenic fungi


  • Safety to use
  • Highly efficient three enzyme purification, including biological film
  • Fully compatible with processed materials.
  • Multiple applications (within 3 days)
  • Possible control of bath efficacy with test-strips


  • Disinfection and cleaning, ( including combined in one step), medical devices manually and using a mechanized methods:
    - entire spectrum of surgical and dental instruments;
    - dental impressions made of alginates, silicones or polyester resins; denture workpieces made of metals, ceramics, plastics and other materials; articulators made of corrosion-resistant materials, impression trays, etc.; suction systems;
  • Disinfection and cleaning, including combined in one process, flexible and rigid endoscopes, instruments for them;
  • Preliminary and final cleaning of endoscopes manually;
  • Pre-sterilized cleansing (PSC), (in particular combined with disinfection) of medical instruments, including dental (in particular rotating) and surgical instruments as well as denture materials by mechanical method using any ultrasound cleaner ("Medal", "Ultraest", "Crystal-5" "Serga", etc.)

Modes of application:

Disinfection + PSC mode Pre-sterilizing cleaning mode
Spectrum of activity Manually Mechanically (using ultrasound) Manually Mechanically (using ultrasound)
Bacteria (including Mycobacterium tuberculosis) 0.5% -15 min/20 min. 0.5% -10 min. 0.25% -5 min/10min. 0.25%- 10 min.
Viruses 0.5% -10 min/15 min.
Fungi 0.5% -15 min/20 min.

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